A Lawyer for Accident Is Necessary

A Lawyer for Accident Is Necessary

While considering what to do when you are faced with an accident, have you ever thought about a lawyer to help? The first thought is probably that one do not need the help of a lawyer, but as the case moves along nothing could be further from the truth. The amount of paperwork alone is well worth the percentage given to that attorney.

Pick A Good Lawyer

There are many different types of accident attorneys and with different specialties so it is important to choose wisely. All, by law, will receive the same percentage of your insurance claim so that is not a consideration.

Start the Paper Trail

The legal system is bogged down with forms and paperwork, so if you forget to file one your whole case may not be ruled in your favor. However, having a lawyer for the claims is the best insurance that you can have about the claims to be handled properly.

Different types of accidents need different forms; such as, a worker’s compensation claim will need reports from one’s immediate supervisor. If you do not have those reports, your case cannot go forward. A no-fault case will need sufficient medical documentation surrounding your accident. A good claims attorney will have a staff of medical reviewers to look over the paperwork and judge whether your claim meets the criterion for filing.

Prepare for Worse

Though an accident is bad enough, in many cases others will try and sue the perpetrator civilly. In civil court the burden of proof is less for the court to award damages and although that is a benefit if you are not at the one at fault, it can be a disaster if you are the one being sued. So in addition to handling the accident claim, a lawyer will handle any civil suits or recommend and work with another attorney to mitigate your liability.

Having the benefit of protection from a civil suit is a very important reason for an accident attorney, even if you do not think that you or your negligence caused the accident. Insurance claims sometimes look for “deep pockets”, meaning anyone involved who has money will be looked to for damages. Your lawyer will have parties sign a document releasing you form liability in this and any future cases that might arise.

Search for the Correct Lawyer

Now that you realize the need for an accident attorney, you may have a hard time deciding on one. You must decide who the best partner for you will when it comes to handling your case. Most times, their fees are mandated so that is not an issue but each attorney has a special area of accident law they are well versed in. You may ask for referrals from the Bar Association or from friends and neighbors who have gone through similar circumstances.

Knowing this makes selecting a lawyer for accident more difficult process, but in the end more worthwhile.

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